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​ Well it is not even officially Spring but you wouldn't know it judging from the farmers' market stalls.  We have begun to harvest our yummy endive and other spring chicories and have even done multiple picks of our strawberries!   Coming up? Asparagus, lettuces, yummier strawberries and tender radishes and carrots. Stay tuned! It's the best part of the year in our opinion:)
Can't make it to any markets? Check out Dirty Girl Produce on Good Eggs!
​Tues: South Berkeley, 2pm-6:30pm
Weds: Downtown Santa Cruz, 1:30pm-6pm
Thurs: Ferry Building, San Francisco, 10am-2pm
Sat: Ferry Building, San Francisco, 8am-2pm
Sat: Westside Santa Cruz, 9am-1pm
Sun: Live Oak Santa Cruz, 9am-1pm
Sun: Stonestown, San Francisco, 9am-1pm
Organically Grown Fruits and Vegetables in Santa Cruz, California