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Santa Cruz Weekly "Totally Tumescent Tomatoes" September 26, 2012 by Christina Waters: 

"Dirty Girl rocks the farmers markets with dry farmed tomatoes of exquiste depth and multilayered sweetness and, well, these are what tomatoes were intended to be from the very start." 

Sunset Magazine "Hot Tomato" August 2012 by Johanna Silver: 

"Joe Schirmer, who perfected dry-farming the Early Girl, has been growing tomatoes near Santa Cruz since 1997." 

Men’s Journal “The Farm Team” October 2011 by James Nestor:

“Eighteen years on, [Joe Schirmer] runs 39 acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains, producing seasonal vegetables along with the best tomatoes you will ever taste. Ever.” 

Huffington Post “Alice Waters: Her Next Project” August 24, 2011 Interview with Alice Waters by Robin Wilkey:

“We love Dirty Girl Produce; they’re great pals. They keep reinventing the culture of agriculture.”

Eucalyptus Magazine “Dirty Girl Produce” July and August 2011 by Julie McCoy:

“Schirmer’s strawberries are served at restaurants throughout the Bay Area and Santa Cruz, including Manresa in Los Gatos and Chez Panisse in Berkeley.”

Sunset Magazine “What Food Changed Your Life?” July 2011 Interview with Pim Techamuanvivit by Margo True and Sophie Egan:

“I first tasted [early-girl dry farmed tomatoes] at a San Francisco farmers market in 2005 and it blew my mind. I decided to go visit the farm, Dirty Girl Produce, then in Santa Cruz. It was like entering another world.”

Metro Santa Cruz “Natural Attitude” March 19, 2008 by Christina Waters:

“When he’s not growing some of the most sought-after produce on the Central Coast, Joe Schirmer’s riding waves.”

New York Times Magazine “The Originals: Surfing Foodies” Spring 2005:

“Surfing is all about the seasons and the weather,” Schirmer says. “David [Kinch]’s constantly changing his menu based on what’s seasonal. In July it’s hot and you’re eating tomatoes, and you’re long-boarding down at Manresa beach. In winter there are gnarlier waves, wetsuits, leeks, turnips and radicchio.”

New York Times Magazine “Pride and Produce” August 15, 2004:

“Dirty Girl has a reverent following among bay area chefs, including the queen bee, Alice Waters (who says the farm grows “all the things I like”), and Charles Pham the rising star of the Slanted Door. It takes only a bite to get it: these are four-star vegetables.”

Santa Cruz Sentinel “Organic Farming is for Dirty Girls” October 12, 2000 by Travis Semmes:

“Michael ‘Cal’ Petternell is the sous chef at Chez Panisse Café, which first came across Dirty Girl’s produce at the farmers market. ‘We really like them’ Peternell said. ‘We started buying their Haricot vert green beans in the summer time. They are exceptionally good.’” 


San Francisco Magazine “Best of the Bay Area” June 16, 2010: 

Best Farmers Market Stand

Santa Cruz Weekly “Best Farmers Market Produce 2010” March 31, 2010:

“Fabled for heirloom radicchios, strawberries, freshly harvested shelling beans and incomparable dry-farmed tomatoes, Dirty Girl gives produce a zesty, clean name. Head farmer Joe Schirmer brings UCSC Farm and Garden experience to his intensively managed organic acres and delights devotes patrons at the farmers markets around the bay area. Laid back never tasted so good.”